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We boost your revenue by helping you attract the right customers for your products and services
Magik Leads – Lead Generation Company

MagikLeads is LEAD GENERATION company that provides end to end services from Database Marketing, Demand Generation, LEAD GENERATION, and Digital Marketing. Being a direct marketing services company, we are the pioneers in customer profiling in Asia. We have the best quality benchmarks in the technology sector and have been the pioneers in their information management. Our company is the best LEAD GENERATION company in Delhi NCR India”.

If you’ve come looking to increase your sales with qualified sales leads for your pipeline, you’re in the right place.

Magik Leads is the B2B lead generation services company and lead management service provider trusted by thousands of business owners around the world for 9 years. Backed by smart marketing technology and proven sales prospecting processes, we give you the power to scale your sales team and effectively boost your sales.

We help you exceed marketing and sales goals by deploying targeted prospecting campaigns that deliver qualified sales leads and opportunities to your funnel. What we do is contact a list of your targeted prospects (based on your criteria). Then, we pre-qualify interested potential clients, and set them an appointment with you to close business deals.

What you get when you sign up for our Lead Generation Service

Lead Generation

B2B Lead generation

Appointment Setting

Outbond Lead Generation

Market Research

Customer Profiling

We boost your revenue by helping you attract the right customers for your products and services.
Magik Leads brings you one step closer to your next closed sale. That’s because we don’t just look for leads—we find customers for you.

Magik Leads provides Multi-touch, Multi-channel strategy – helping global businesses generate qualified sales leads, Lead Generation reaches their target customers and boost conversion rates with sales prospecting.
Backed by 9 years of experience in specialized industries and intuitive marketing technology, we give you the ability to scale your sales team to a marketing powerhouse as we utilize our mastery of the prospecting process. We connect with your decision makers through live, one-on-one conversations enhanced through email, Cold Calling, social media, search, and direct marketing channels throughout different points in the conversion cycle.
Equipped with an understanding of your business requirements, we design a lead generation solution and appointment setting service that delivers simply what you need: qualified sales lead Generation and appointments.
Be it Customer Acquisition, Lead Qualification, Data Profiling or Event Marketing, you’ll reach, or you could very well exceed those target sales numbers – and you’ll do it efficiently and consistently.

Advantages of lead generation to the business:

Helps to generate the important and

powerful information regarding targeted audience.

Plays important role in the improvement

of loyalty of the customers to the product or service.

Helps in generating feedback which

ultimately increase awareness about products and ultimately increases online sales.

Helps in the optimization of revenues

by awarding the working strategies to the interested customers.

Helps in the detection of attractive points of

customers and builds important database regarding interest.

Advantages of MagikLeads for Business

It highly helps to generate the

right leads.

It is like a wonder to the small


Generation of new clients is easy

using lead generation mechanism.

Helps to increase business on

internet world.

The design of database of users

who are on your brand becomes easy.

Loyalty of users can be improved.

Makes a feedback system strong.

Helps in optimizing the revenue from

the marketing.

Increases conversion rate and ROI.

How We Help Businesses Succeed
Complete Multi-channel Lead Management and Automation Platform

you never know how many clients are interested in your product/service. magikleads lead generation, you are assured to witness increased ROI (return on investment), get leads that are sales ready, relevant and measurable. we improve sales for our clients by generating the top class and productive sales leads. as a result, our clients get a competitive edge, reduce marketing cost and enjoy superior productivity. we are serving clients across several industries including bfsi, real estate, tours & travels, health care, hospitals, education, cab services, fitness, events, consumer, insurance, loans, and electronics etc.

MagikLeads Benefits:
Here are a few ways that your company can benefit from outsourcing your MagikLeads:
Streamlining your Sales Teams time and efforts

Partnering with a trusted and skilled lead generation brand MagikLeads, enables your sales team to spend time doing the things they naturally love. Closing.
List building disconnected dials and working to bypass gatekeepers can be the challenge of a good lead generation company, not time spent by your sales team. A good outsourced lead generation company specializing in doing the leg work to deliver your prospects that are qualified, ready to buy and won’t waste your teams time.

Keeping a full pipeline

We all know that to keep growing revenue you need a pipeline that is growing. Knowing that salespeople generally shy away from lead generation work, in favor of working with qualified prospects, leaving this function to your team could be dangerous.
Knowing that another dedicated team is working on creating those opportunities for you, keeps your pipeline filled and moving forward.

The better the lead, the better the outcome.
Talking to someone about your product or service who is already interested makes conversation and sales activities easier. Using a trusted outsourced MagikLeads Services will provide your team with the information they need to head into a call with confidence. Having your sales teams equipped with budget, authority, need and timing expedites the time it takes to close a deal.
Lead generation is a cost effective way to expand your companies sales reach
Using a outsourced MagikLeads Services enables you to expand your sales reach into new verticals and markets you haven’t yet explored. The feedback that you receive is incredibly important, as the grunt work of testing a new marketing will be left to that team and not yours.

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