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Boost event turnout and conversions with MagikLeads targeted event marketing services
MagikLeads can help you increase registrations and drive more revenue from your live events. We offer a flexible, integrated, end-to-end event marketing package tailored for tradeshows, webinars, seminars, product launch, industry meetups, and other live event initiatives.
We combine our multi-touch, multi-channel capabilities with our years of targeted sales and marketing expertise to:

ENGAGE attendees and opportunities throughout the event cycle

ENSURE quality of invitees and prospects at every step of the event process

LEVERAGE phone, email, and social media to maximize conversions

COLLECT critical event and prospect information for sharper marketing insights

With our event marketing solutions, we give you a dedicated team of specialists and provide you with the tools to maximize results in all four critical stages of live event initiatives:
#1 Campaign Setup
We devote the first stage of the event marketing program to laying the groundwork for the rest of the campaign.
#2 Pre-event Marketing

The main goal of this step is to maximize interest, registrations, and turnout through multi-channel outreach.

#3 Live Event Activities
While the event is ongoing, your Callbox team works in the background to help maximize engagement.
#4 Post-event Marketing
Maintain event momentum and maximize conversion using a proven post-event follow-up strategy.
B2B events are now increasingly becoming more like a journey, and Callbox helps you stay on your audience’s radar each step of the way.
Tell us about your upcoming event, and let’s see what we can do together.

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